What did you do today to change the world?

What did you do today to change the world?

Hospital- face post surgery

What did you do today to change the world?

Each one of us has been given a chance to change this world every day.

Not everyone realises that.  Do we actually want this world to be a better place?

That question actually became a cliché as everyone says it but there are only few who takes action.

By action I mean to start with yourself.

Let me rephrase this question. What did you do today to get to know yourself better?

Only through knowing yourself, by building your core values and self respect you can make a change.

Life is not only about glamour and beauty. It is also about pain, vulnerability and everything else that we are trying to hide.

This memorable picture was taken after my last 29th surgery with #snapchat so my face wouldn’t look too scary.

It always reminds me about how I started painting and how my very first “Heads”series of paintings was created. 

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My interest was pretty obvious since I remembered. I was drawing, painting and amputating legs of my dolls since I was a little girl. I guess that tell a lot. After my diagnosis at the age of 16 years old my new vocation became apparent.

Nothing was the same. I learnt that medicine is limited and it does not appreciate our mind and its powers in the healing process. That quickly put me off becoming a surgeon and instead I decided to devote myself to painting. It was and is my passion that I live for. The process of painting helped me to heal my soul from toxins of the past and implement new ways of living into my messy life. Painting was my salvation and blessing.

The decision to become an artist was obvious however it took a lot of courage considering that I was growing up in a broken home, single mother raising me and my siblings, father who spend every single penny on alcohol.

There was one memorable incident that helped me to decide what I really want in life regardless.

I had a massive bleeding night and my doctor was not sure whether or not I will make it till the next day.

I remember that night very well. I did not sleep. A stranger with whom I shared a hospital room was holding my hand keeping me awake.

The possibility of dying was very real and waiting right at the corner. I asked myself many questions that night. Out of all the most important questions was ‘How do I want to live my life if I will survive this?’ There was only one answer- to paint.

That is how I started painting my Heads series which you can access on my website. A lot of them were painted under my hospital bed.

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