Sit for me

Dear Viewers- 'Sit for me'- story releasing project 

Dear Viewers,

I started a project called 'Release your story' a while ago.
I would like to invite you to get engage in this project. I will paint your portrait from the picture you will send me on an email accompanied by the story that is or was bothering you and you wish to release it.
The results of this project would be posted on my blog after completing the painting.
Please note that  by sending the picture and your story you agree to publish the story on my website next to the painting.(NOT the actual picture of you)

Here is why releasing your story is important.

Phenomenon of backstory

Story telling has been my personal quest. As Deepak Chopra said, 'You create stories around your thoughts. Then you live those stories and you call it life. What makes a person extraordinary is that he or she finds a way to tell a new story.' Rule the story that is running you. Events deeply buried in the past can sabotage you in the future without noticing it. They are like bombs.

To work on this project with me please send me an email

Story can be written in your language not necessarily in English.